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Original Paintings and Art Prints

About Cynthia Fletcher

Cynthia Fletcher I am an American painter of abstract art - complex and intentional art with intense color, texture, and detail.
My style is bold contemporary - created with oil and cold wax, acrylic, watercolor, and digital media.

My fine art original paintings and prints are sold right here on my website, and in shows and galleries.
I produce a placement art for surface design / licensing.

My background is in design and I worked as a Chicago-based Landscape Architect for many years.
I now paint from my lakeside studio in Oklahoma City.

~ My art is about Going Beyond the Form of a thing or place to the Idea and Experience of it.
~ My photography is about Nature and a Sense of Place; its beauty, essence, materials.

~ My work is in galleries, shows, festivals and markets in the USA and abroad.
~ Masters - North Carolina State University School of Design